Randall Goodgame - “Heaven Waits”


Randall Goodgame performs "Heaven Waits" from his Bluebird CD live at the BTGMI Studios in November 2009.

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Randall, just wanted to say “hi” from Birmingham.  I keep up with you guys here & there thru the Scudders.  Good to see you are doing well with your music. -really enjoyed listening!
if you & Amy are ever down this way i’d love to connect you with the creatives here….we’d love to have you play for us sometime:)
i just shared a link to “heaven waits” on our FB page….
“Artists Creating in Community”.....smile
take care- & blessings to you both!  gina (clark) hurry

ginahurry 08:18 PM Tue, Sep 06, 2011

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