Valentines Special - Episode #303

February 12th, 2016
Valentines Special - Episode #303

This is the perfect weekend to revisit this Valentines Special featuring gourmet love songs, and Q&A with Jessica Campbell and Matt Brouwer.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Person & A Heart Think I'm In Love
    on Person & A Heart
    by Jon Troast
  • Diamonds Take The World
    on Diamonds
    by Johnnyswim
  • The Anchor & The Sail Sunnyside
    on The Anchor & The Sail
    by Jessica Campbell
  • We Are The Monks Here We Go
    on We Are The Monks
    by We Are The Monks
  • The City Makes The Man Never Want To Let You Go
    on The City Makes The Man
    by Christopher Williams
  • Live in Denver I Like You [Live]
    on Live in Denver
    by Ben Rector
  • For The Taking One By One
    on For The Taking
    by Elenowen
  • Till The Sunrise Love Can Find A Way
    on Till The Sunrise
    by Matt Brouwer
  • Just Beyond The Door Marry Me Again
    on Just Beyond The Door
    by Danny Oertli
  • The Way We Are Comfortable
    on The Way We Are
    by Fleming & John
  • Faint Not As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating
    on Faint Not
    by Jenny & Tyler

Producer Notes:

We originally aired this episode exactly one year ago, and it features some of the best love songs penned by Christian songwriters.  I find it unfortunate that some Christians turn their nose up at love songs because they think Christians should be writing songs about God all the time. I believe that perspective is very short-sighted concerning what is "about God."  Do Christians experience falling in love, going through a break-up, frustrations in parenthood, great joys, and deep sadness?  Of course!  So my hope is for this community to encourage Christian songwriters to write about the entire pantheon of the human experience from their Christian worldview... and that includes romantic love songs.  I hope you all have wonderful Valentines' weekend, and thanks for making this episode a part of your soundtrack.  ((Dave))

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