Valentines Special - Episode #303

February 13th, 2015
Valentines Special - Episode #303

Romantic love is such a powerful source, it shouldn't surprise us that it's been the number one theme of all art since the dawn of time.  This week on UTR, Ben Rector, Jessica Campbell, Elenowen, Christopher Williams, and others present some gourmet love songs.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • A Person & A Heart Think I'm In Love
    on A Person & A Heart
    by Jon Troast
  • Diamonds Take The World
    on Diamonds
    by Johnnyswim
  • The Anchor & The Sail Sunnyside
    on The Anchor & The Sail
    by Jessica Campbell
  • We Are The Monks Here We Go
    on We Are The Monks
    by We Are The Monks
  • The City Makes The Man Never Want To Let You Go
    on The City Makes The Man
    by Christopher Williams
  • Live in Denver I Like You [Live]
    on Live in Denver
    by Ben Rector
  • For The Taking One By One
    on For The Taking
    by Elenowen
  • Till The Sunrise Love Can Find A Way
    on Till The Sunrise
    by Matt Brouwer
  • Just Beyond The Door Marry Me Again
    on Just Beyond The Door
    by Danny Oertli
  • The Way We Are Comfortable
    on The Way We Are
    by Fleming & John
  • Faint Not As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating
    on Faint Not
    by Jenny & Tyler

Producer Notes:

In the 1980's, some of the more fundamental evangelicals listened to Christian music of that day and counted the JPMs... the "Jesus Per Minutes." They would deem just how "Christian" a song was by the number of mentions God, Savior, Jesus, Lord got in a song.  It was probably done with good intentions, like wanting the music one hears to be more devotional or overtly evangelistic.  However, there were some severe consequences.  Of course artists like Steve Green, Sandi Patty, Wayne Watson, Petra, and DeGarmo & Key got the JPM stamp of approval.  Artists that wanted to sing honestly about everyday life and how their faith is weaved into that - artists like The Choir, Mark Heard, Bruce Cockburn, Daniel Amos, Sam Phillips - were always delegated to the fringes of Christian music, as if they had Christian leprosy or something.  And then there's Amy Grant.  She was "one of us" belting out "Sing Your Praise To The Lord," and now she's crooning "Next Time I Fall In Love" with Peter Cetera.  The easy answer was to call artists like this either "backsliders" or folks who were "ashamed of the Gospel."  These issues still exist today in what's left of the Christian music "industry."  We hope UTR breaks down these walls over time.  Are Christian painters only allowed to paint portraits of Jesus? Are Christian sculpters only allowed to sculpt Biblical heroes? In the same way, Christian songwriters are free to express all facets of life - not the least of which is falling, being, & staying in love.  The beautiful thing is that the faith that informs these writers allows these love songs to have a depth of truth and vulnerability that is lacking in nearly every other format of music.  So, enjoy this Valentines treat of gourmet love songs!  ((Dave))

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Well said, Dave.  For example, I love JJ Heller’s new song for Valentine’s Day.  It is not overtly Christian, but it speaks of love from a Christian worldview instead of a worldly one.

Jeff C 10:34 AM Fri, Feb 13, 2015

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