Stories Behind The Songs, Pt. 2 - Episode #348

June 3rd, 2016
Stories Behind The Songs, Pt. 2 - Episode #348

We continue to share more never-before-heard interview clips sharing in-depth stories of some amazing songs - including Jeremy Casella, JJ Heller, Randy Stonehill, and Aaron Strumpel.

Songs Played in This Episode (9)
  • Sound of a Living Heart Silence
    on Sound of a Living Heart
    by JJ Heller
  • Bright Star Won’t Stop
    on Bright Star
    by Aaron Stumpel
  • Waiting to Begin What You Lack
    on Waiting to Begin
    by Chris & Jenna
  • Wonderama Rachel Delevoryas
    on Wonderama
    by Randy Stonehill
  • The Re-Introduction of Nick Flora Everybody Asked About You
    on The Re-Introduction of Nick Flora
    by Nick Flora
  • Till the Sunrise Thornside
    on Till the Sunrise
    by Matt Brouwer
  • Promised Land Runaway Horse
    on Promised Land
    by Jessi McNeal
  • Death in Reverse Let It All Go
    on Death in Reverse
    by Jeremy Casella
  • Frailty Till It Goes
    on Frailty
    by Tim Coons

Producer Notes:

These episodes are so epic, it spills into two parts.  Story is a powerful tool, and usually causes one to lean into something or someone.  These in-depth stories behind the songs help us engage more thoughtfully with the art and get to know the hearts of the artists.  No other podcast or radio show has this amount of valuable access to high-caliber independent musicians!  Kudos to Kristian Black for the extra efforts it took as a production assistant.  What story/song combo was your favorite on this week's episode?  (Dave)

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JJ Heller is so awesome.

Jeff C 07:43 AM Fri, Jun 03, 2016

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