Special interview guest Sara Groves - Episode #328

November 13th, 2015
Special interview guest Sara Groves - Episode #328

One of the finest artisan songwriters today, Sara Groves, is our VIP guest of honor as we find out about the making of her 12th career album "Floodplain." We also hear listener requests for Josh Garrels, Sandra McCracken, & Sons of Korah.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Everything Has Changed Everything Has Changed
    on Everything Has Changed
    by Justin McRoberts
  • Floodplain I’ve Been Here Before
    on Floodplain
    by Sara Groves
  • Home Home At Last
    on Home
    by Josh Garrels
  • Past The Wishing Everyday Miracles
    on Past The Wishing
    by Sara Groves
  • Resurrection Psalm 131
    on Resurrection
    by Sons of Korah
  • Floodplain Floodplain
    on Floodplain
    by Sara Groves
  • Medicine Tightrope
    on Medicine
    by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
  • Add to the Beauty Kingdom Comes
    on Add to the Beauty
    by Sara Groves
  • Psalms Send Out Your Light
    on Psalms
    by Sandra McCracken
  • Floodplain Expedition
    on Floodplain
    by Sara Groves

Producer Notes:

We couldn't return with a bigger bang after a 5-week hiatus than by welcoming the female artist we have played the most in the history of UTR, Sara Groves.  I recorded this interview in July 2014 at Escape To The Lake, and she had just finished recording her latest album "Floodplain," which just released on 11/6/15.  It was great to explore some of the unique process that went into the making of this new CD.  It's always a huge treat to have her on UTR -- especially when we can enjoy some NEW music of her's!  (Dave)

Comments (2)

I love Sara Groves, and her new album is so good.

Jeff C 10:56 AM Fri, Nov 13, 2015

Sara Groves is hands-down my favorite. She’s “my songwriter,” and the new album is so beautiful. Thanks for featuring her, it’s great to hear her thought process and stories.

rmlulich 02:34 AM Sat, Jan 23, 2016

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