Special Guest Andrew Peterson - Episode #356

September 16th, 2016
Special Guest Andrew Peterson - Episode #356

Our interview guest is the most-requested artist in UTR history, Andrew Peterson.  We talk about songwriting, collaboration, and his latest album The Burning Edge of Dawn.  In addition, we are playing some high-quality songs released in 2016.

Songs Played in This Episode (9)
  • Out of Exile Raisin’ A Boy
    on Out of Exile
    by Strahan
  • The Burning Edge of Dawn Every Star is A Burning Flame
    on The Burning Edge of Dawn
    by Andrew Peterson
  • After All These Years: A Collection After All These Years
    on After All These Years: A Collection
    by Andrew Peterson
  • Moda Spira Shaking the Walls
    on Moda Spira
    by Moda Spira
  • The Burning Edge of Dawn The Sower’s Song
    on The Burning Edge of Dawn
    by Andrew Peterson
  • Never Ending Now Electric Mind
    on Never Ending Now
    by Chris Taylor
  • Clear to Venus No More Faith
    on Clear to Venus
    by Andrew Peterson
  • God’s Highway Steadfast
    on God’s Highway
    by Sandra McCracken
  • The Burning Edge of Dawn My One Safe Place
    on The Burning Edge of Dawn
    by Andrew Peterson

Producer Notes:

One of the main reasons why UTR exists at all is that in 2007 I "rediscovered" the music of Andrew Peterson, and it turned out to be the most encouraging spiritual balm for my soul that year. Most of my friends, family, and co-workers had never heard of him, and a flame had been lit with a desire to share this soul-connection music with others.  First, it resulted in hosting Andrew for 2 concerts.  Soon after, like the Narnia "wardrobe," it was a gateway into discovering a whole world of well-crafted music that was largely undiscovered by the masses.  By the middle of 2008, I had developed the format and pilot episodes of UTR, and in the middle of November 2008, UTR launched on the air.  Andrew was the first interview we conducted for UTR, and he's someone that has been a frequent guest on the show through the years.  It's an honor to have him as the VIP guest one more time in this final chapter of our radio program (I'm sure we'll have him as a guest in the next chapter of UTR programming as well).  And I am so thankful for more and more new fans coming to the table as Andrew's listenership (and readership) grows.  We are also excited to have Andrew as our guest performer at the upcoming UTR 8th Anniversary Concert & Auction.  If you're in Chicago (or want to take a road trip to the Windy City) on November 19th, we would love to have you at our celebration!  (Dave)

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Another wonderful episode - that last live one was most excellent   smile

Katrina 04:33 PM Tue, Sep 20, 2016

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