Sophomore Appearances - Episode #291

September 5th, 2014
Sophomore Appearances - Episode #291

We're playing tracks by artists making their 2nd time appearance on UTR - including Jessa Anderson, A Lion Named Roar, and a tribute for the recently-passed singer-songwriter Matt Auten.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Freaks Put Your Arms Around Me
    on Freaks
    by The Hawk in Paris
  • All My Hope On Your Side
    on All My Hope
    by Dan and Lauren Smith
  • Foreign Land - EP All I Know is Changing
    on Foreign Land - EP
    by A Lion Named Roar
  • Love is Patient Find You
    on Love is Patient
    by Brianna Gaither
  • They Were Longing for a Better Country I'm Never Going Back to That Place
    on They Were Longing for a Better Country
    by Zach Winters
  • Happy That You Came Stone of Remembrance
    on Happy That You Came
    by Matt Auten
  • This Love God Would You Help Us
    on This Love
    by Tyrone Wells
  • Whole Breakdown
    on Whole
    by Jessa Anderson
  • Posters Deliverance
    on Posters
    by Strahan
  • Streetlight Addey
    on Streetlight
    by Degarmo & Key
  • The Rival You Sun
    on The Rival
    by The Rival

Producer Notes:

We are often introduced to A+ artists we were missing through the recommendation of UTR listeners and fellow artists.  However, even though we are often playing "UTR debuts," we sometimes forget to revisit those artists we loved playing once.  So we're focusing on artists that we've only featured once before and giving them another spin on this "sophomore appearance" episode.  We are also paying tribute to Matt Auten, who tragically passed away on August 19th while rescuing his son from drowning.  If you feel compelled to help support Matt's family, you can CLICK HERE to send your donation.

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For those of you who are interested, far as I can tell Brianna Gaither’s record Love is Patient (played in this episode) is only available on Noisetrade currently:

Larry S 01:27 PM Fri, Sep 05, 2014

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