Songs in the Queue, Pt. 2 - Episode #360

October 11th, 2016
Songs in the Queue, Pt. 2 - Episode #360

We had so many songs in the queue that we wanted to play before this radio show ends, that we are spilling over into a bonus midweek podcast of UTR - this time sharing some of our favorite songs by Ben Rector, Melanie Penn, Christopher Williams, & more.

Songs Played in This Episode (13)
  • The City Makes the Man The City Makes the Man
    on The City Makes the Man
    by Christopher Williams
  • Originator Rumble
    on Originator
    by Brooke Waggoner
  • Ghosts Upon the Earth Every Breath
    on Ghosts Upon the Earth
    by Gungor
  • Feed Your Soul Come Close Now [LIVE]
    on Feed Your Soul
    by Christa Wells
  • Fernando Ortega Take Heart, My Friend
    on Fernando Ortega
    by Fernando Ortega
  • Hope Tonight Sun Song (I Turn to You)
    on Hope Tonight
    by Melanie Penn
  • When I Was Younger Won’t Give Up
    on When I Was Younger
    by Colony House
  • Sentimental Creatures There’s Still Time
    on Sentimental Creatures
    by Jess Ray
  • The Walking In Between If You Can Hear Me
    on The Walking In Between
    by Ben Rector
  • The Blood + The Breath Everything You’ve Heard
    on The Blood + The Breath
    by Caroline Cobb
  • Freedom Over Me
    on Freedom
    by White Heart
  • The House You’re Building Run Forward
    on The House You’re Building
    by Audrey Assad
  • Chasing Mississippi Greyhound
    on Chasing Mississippi
    by Dave Barnes

Producer Notes:

We used to release mid-week bonus podcast episodes fairly regularly... at least 5 or more each year.  But that tradition ended in 2014 when UTR became an independent ministry.  We had to scale back production some, so we just focused on our regular weekly podcast.  But now, for the first time in 2 years, we bring you a bonus mid-week podcast of UTR, featuring more songs that we've been "saving" for a future show... and now it's time to "spend" those songs.  There are now only 5 more episodes of the UTR Radio program (in this format). We'll still be doing podcasting, video content, album compilations, and more excellent content as we move into 2017.  In fact, keep your eyes open for our Kickstarter Campaign (launching 10/13) that will help make this new vision possible.  (Dave)

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