Songs from Psalms - Episode #312

April 23rd, 2015
Songs from Psalms - Episode #312

This week's playlist comes right from the book of Psalms - including original arrangements by Jenny & Tyler, Sons of Korah, and Andrew Osenga.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • The Shelter Run In The Night
    on The Shelter
    by Jars of Clay
  • The Verses Project Psalm 9:9-10
    on The Verses Project
    by Latifah Phillips
  • Spiritual Songs Psalm 51
    on Spiritual Songs
    by The Wayside
  • Faint Not Psalm 46
    on Faint Not
    by Jenny & Tyler
  • Refuge Psalm 92A
    on Refuge
    by Sons of Korah
  • The Courts Of The King Your Steadfast Love
    on The Courts Of The King
    by Ted Sandquist & Phil Keaggy
  • With You Now EP May The Words
    on With You Now EP
    by Ellie Holcomb
  • Psalms, Vol. 1 Psalm 91
    on Psalms, Vol. 1
    by Robbie Seay Band
  • Joy Beyond the Sorrow From The Depths of Woe
    on Joy Beyond the Sorrow
    by A. Osenga
  • The Blessed and the Broken Psalm 23
    on The Blessed and the Broken
    by Trevor Morgan
  • Basement Psalms Live Your Love Will Be My Song
    on Basement Psalms Live
    by Rick L. James

Producer Notes:

Many times on UTR we have featured episodes of hymn remakes.  But this week, we go to the original hymnbook, the book of Psalms.  We can learn a lot from the Psalms - for example, it is good and edifying to sing praises to the Lord, but singing songs of lament, anguish, confusion, repentence, doubt, and sorrow are a vital expression of the human experience (take note CCM radio!).  We honor this endless well of Biblical inspiration by sharing songs plucked right out of the Psalms.  We hope you experience the depth of Truth found in these verses ... and it doesn't hurt to learn a few new verses either.  (Dave)

Comments (1)

Just found your site yesterday through the Escape to the Lake posting you made to  Wow!  You all have been busy the past few years.  Thanks for posting this spiritually edifying and “outside the box” music.  Love the focus on hymn re-writes especially.

BTW -  Thought you might want to know the word Psalm is pronounced with a silent ‘l’.  Just like the word palm has a silent “l”. 

Thanks for the music.

Josh 02:10 PM Thu, Sep 10, 2015

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