Some of 2015’s Song Gems - Episode #332

January 8th, 2016
Some of 2015’s Song Gems - Episode #332

We revisit one of our retrospectives on some 5-star music that was released in 2015, including songs by Jon Troast, Nick Flora, Giants & Pilgrims, and Jessi McNeal.

Songs Played in This Episode (13)
  • Hymns for Her Tell Her You Do
    on Hymns for Her
    by Dave Barnes
  • Becoming Ghosts for Tinder
    on Becoming
    by Giants & Pilgrims
  • I Am Me Wallflower
    on I Am Me
    by Gracie Schram
  • Futureboy It’s All Coming Together
    on Futureboy
    by Nick Flora
  • Hand Me A Hymnal In the Sweet By and By
    on Hand Me A Hymnal
    by The Banner Days
  • Sticks and Stones The Days to Come
    on Sticks and Stones
    by 77s
  • Song-A-Month 2015 Flesh and Bone
    on Song-A-Month 2015
    by Matthew Clark
  • Dear Wormwood Soldier, Poet, King
    on Dear Wormwood
    by The Oh Hellos
  • Sentimental Creatures Deserve
    on Sentimental Creatures
    by Jess Ray
  • E Let ‘em Know
    on E
    by Jon Troast
  • Just Kids Moving On
    on Just Kids
    by Mat Kearny
  • Promised Land Stone by Stone
    on Promised Land
    by Jessi McNeal
  • How We Spend Our Days
You Can Have Me
    on How We Spend Our Days
    by Zach Vinson

Producer Notes:

As I thought about what show to plug into this week, which is the final week of our holiday haitus, I had to look no further than the show that released on 12/4/15, which very appropriately was an episode all about appreciating some of the amazing gourmet music that came our way in the year 2015.  That will lead us perfectly into next week, when we return with an all-new episode, and we countdown the UTR Critics' picks of the Top 11 Gourmet Albums of 2015!  (Dave)

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