Sarah Masen Interview - Episode #290

August 29th, 2014
Sarah Masen Interview - Episode #290

What ever happened to Sarah Masen? She made waves in CCM in the mid 90s, but to most people "she disappeared." Yet she's been quietly creating art for the last 15 years.  So she's our guest this week to discuss songwriting, art, and family.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • 42 and a Half Minutes with Griffin House I Won't Leave
    on 42 and a Half Minutes with Griffin House
    by Griffin House
  • The Trying Mark The Human Scale
    on The Trying Mark
    by Sarah Masen
  • The Trying Mark Dark Matter
    on The Trying Mark
    by Sarah Masen
  • Burlap to Cashmere Tonight
    on Burlap to Cashmere
    by Burlap to Cashmere
  • Sarah Masen Downtown
    on Sarah Masen
    by Sarah Masen
  • One True Vine One True Vine
    on One True Vine
    by Mavis Staples
  • God in Music City The River
    on God in Music City
    by Sarah Masen
  • When I Was Younger Glorious
    on When I Was Younger
    by Colony House
  • Land of the Living I Won't Let You Down Again
    on Land of the Living
    by Matthew Perryman Jones
  • The Trying Mark When Things Fall Apart
    on The Trying Mark
    by Sarah Masen

Producer Notes:

Meeting Sarah Masen was a pure delight. She is a sweet soul with very thoughtful things to share from her heart. Her latest batch of songs from "The Trying Mark" are (in classic Sarah style) poetic and layered. We were also delighted that she could be a part of Escape To The Lake 2014.  She shares some personal stories, including when she found out her son Sam was diagnosed with autism.  Having a special needs daughter myself, I find her words and music comforting and encouraging.  The additional music on the show is terrific too, including Colony House and Burlap to Cashmere.  (Dave)

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