More Listener Requests - Episode #288

August 19th, 2014
More Listener Requests - Episode #288

Enjoy a bonus mid-week set of music, featuring suggestions from UTR listeners - including The Vespers, Sleeping At Last, and 5 first-time artists.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Into the Great Unknown Stampede
    on Into the Great Unknown
    by Bradford Loomis
  • Yearbook - Collection Emphasis
    on Yearbook - Collection
    by Sleeping At Last
  • Vice Verses Souvenirs
    on Vice Verses
    by Switchfoot
  • Brady Toops O For Grace
    on Brady Toops
    by Brady Toops
  • The Fourth Wall Daughter
    on The Fourth Wall
    by The Vespers
  • Highliner Moon Mission
    on Highliner
    by Jason Harrod
  • This Side of the Sea God Leads Us Along
    on This Side of the Sea
    by Universal Royalty
  • New Found Land Questions With Answers
    on New Found Land
    by Matt Auten
  • City of Two Rivers Lovely
    on City of Two Rivers
    by Jason Morant
  • Misfits & Moonbeams Summer's Evening
    on Misfits & Moonbeams
    by Sharlene Olson

Producer Notes:

We haven't been able to play any listener requests on UTR since May, so we decided to fill up a bonus podcast edition of the program full of more listener suggestions.  I always love getting introduced to new artists and new music by our listeners, and half of the ten songs on this (commercial free) show are making their UTR debuts - including Sharlene Olson, Bradford Loomis, Jason Morant, Universal Royalty, and Matt Auten.  (Dave)

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