Jeremy Casella Interview - Episode #281

May 30th, 2014
Jeremy Casella Interview - Episode #281

Nashville singer-songwriter Jeremy Casella is our featured guest this week sharing his music and talking about his newest project, Death in Reverse. 

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • As Sure As the Sun Only Hope I've Got
    on As Sure As the Sun
    by Ellie Holcomb
  • Recovery Hypocrisy #785
    on Recovery
    by Jeremy Casella
  • Death In Reverse The Sower
    on Death In Reverse
    by Jeremy Casella
  • Chrome Chrome [LIVE @BTGMI]
    on Chrome
    by Eric Peters
  • 10,000 Angels, Pt. 1 Carry Me Home
    on 10,000 Angels, Pt. 1
    by Jeremy Casella
  • Weeping Willow Tree EP Weeping Willow Tree
    on Weeping Willow Tree EP
    by Lainey Wright
  • Death In Reverse On the Evening Train
    on Death In Reverse
    by Jeremy Casella
  • Besides Lucy
    on Besides
    by Over the Rhine
  • Jacaranda Season of Rain
    on Jacaranda
    by Josh Garrels
  • I Am Mountain The Best Part
    on I Am Mountain
    by Gungor
  • Death in Reverse Night Vision
    on Death in Reverse
    by Jeremy Casella
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