Interview Guest Steve Taylor - Episode #306

March 6th, 2015
Interview Guest Steve Taylor - Episode #306

We're hanging out all hour with legendary Christian artist (and writer, producer, film director) Steve Taylor to talk about his musical comeback after a 21-year hiatus and the making of "Goliath" - UTR's #1 Top Gourmet Album of 2014.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • VA Maroon
    on VA
    by The Last Bison
  • Goliath Double Negative
    on Goliath
    by Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil
  • Two Birds Little Blue Bird
    on Two Birds
    by Grace Pettis
  • Meltdown We Don’t Need No Colour Code
    on Meltdown
    by Steve Taylor
  • For The Taking Cold Hard Truth
    on For The Taking
    by Elenowen
  • Goliath Goliath
    on Goliath
    by Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil
  • Chapter One Even When The Road Gets Hard
    on Chapter One
    by Carolina Story
  • Squint The Finish Line
    on Squint
    by Steve Taylor
  • Lost In Translation Stand My Ground
    on Lost In Translation
    by Sixpence None The Richer
  • Borderland Guns/Napoleon
    on Borderland
    by John Mark McMillan
  • Goliath Rubberneck
    on Goliath
    by Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil

Producer Notes:

The last time I interviewed Steve Taylor, it was during the making of his film Blue Like Jazz, and our conversation was about 70% film and 30% music.  This time, we were able to focus entirely on music, and it turned out to be a fun conversation.  He pursues all his artistic endeavors with excellence, and that virtue alone should be inspiring to all of us.  I'm really grateful for his kindness toward UTR, and 13-yr-old Dave who was rocking out to "Jim Morrison's Grave" in 1989 could have never dreamed he'd be on a first-name basis with that iconic Christian rock star.  However, Steve continues to "wow" me with his humility and down-to-earth personality.  It's an honor to feature our conversation and his music this week on UTR!  (Dave)

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Love Steve Taylor & Sixpence-Lost In Translation!!

amdzuck 03:07 PM Fri, Mar 06, 2015

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