Interview guest Melody Olson - Episode #327

October 2nd, 2015
Interview guest Melody Olson - Episode #327

Heartfelt. Vulnerable. Inspiring. These words describe the songwriting of Melody Olson. She joins us to talk about her brand new release "Controlled Burn." Plus we hear songs by Brady Toops, Jordan Ruiz, and Johnny Cash.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Circus of Love You’re Everywhere
    on Circus of Love
    by Benjamin Dunn & Friends
  • Controlled Burn Bright and Beautiful
    on Controlled Burn
    by Melody Olson
  • Brady Toops Soon and Very Soon
    on Brady Toops
    by Brady Toops
  • All These Things My Own Two Eyes
    on All These Things
    by Melody Olson
  • My Mother’s Hymnal If We Never Meet Again This Side of Heaven
    on My Mother’s Hymnal
    by Johnny Cash
  • Controlled Burn After All
    on Controlled Burn
    by Melody Olson
  • Chapter One Lonely Without You
    on Chapter One
    by Carolina Story
  • All These Things Gone
    on All These Things
    by Melody Olson
  • Atlas: Year One Mercury
    on Atlas: Year One
    by Sleeping At Last
  • The Mountain When I Have No Friends
    on The Mountain
    by Jordan Ruiz
  • Controlled Burn I Can Still Hear It
    on Controlled Burn
    by Melody Olson

Producer Notes:

This is release weekend for Melody Olson's sophmore album Controlled Burn.  It comes 6 years after her debut album All These Things.  Melody has experienced physical, emotional, and spiritual hardship over the last several years -- much of it causing a long delay in the making of this album.  But the end result is breathtaking - incorporating some of that personal sorrow, but also sharing the hope of the gospel in every song.  We're excited to share this conversation we had with Melody and feature some of her brand new songs.  (Dave)

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