Interview Guest Justin McRoberts - Episode #308

March 20th, 2015
Interview Guest Justin McRoberts - Episode #308

Author, speaker, pastor, and singer-songwriter Justin McRoberts is our VIP guest this week.  Plus all the other music is from artists coming to Escape To The Lake 2015, like SHEL, Ginny Owens, The Vespers, and Joy Ike.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Sisters and Brothers Sisters and Brothers
    on Sisters and Brothers
    by The Vespers
  • Father Be Still
    on Father
    by Justin McRoberts
  • I Know A Secret Without You
    on I Know A Secret
    by Ginny Owens
  • Fighting a War Look Up
    on Fighting a War
    by Greg Adkins
  • Y Resurrection
    on Y
    by Justin McRoberts
  • All or Nothing Go
    on All or Nothing
    by Joy Ike
  • For Freedom We Will Become Silhouettes
    on For Freedom
    by Jenny & Tyler
  • Deconstruction Driving By the Accident
    on Deconstruction
    by Justin McRoberts
  • SHEL When The Dragon Came Down
    on SHEL
    by SHEL
  • K Diseases That Have Cures
    on K
    by Justin McRoberts

Producer Notes:

There's an "Escape To The Lake" theme woven into the fabric of this episode.  This interview with Justin was actually recorded in a quiet corner at last year's ETTL.  Since he's coming back again this year, we are using the opportunity to share some of the music of other artists who will be at ETTL 2015.  Plus Justin is a great guy to talk to - funny, insightful, and willing to shoot straight.  And it's not too late to SIGN UP to come to ETTL this coming July!

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