Guest Co-Host Julie Lee - Episode #186

October 23rd, 2015
Guest Co-Host Julie Lee - Episode #186

We revisit the time that Julie Lee joined us on UTR and picked out all the music - including songs by Ron Block, David Story, Sarah Masen... plus Julie plays one of our all-time favorite songs live in the UTR Studios!

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • The Majestic Sliver Strings God's Winged Horse
    on The Majestic Sliver Strings
    by Buddy Miller & Julie Lee
  • Plainspeak An Instrument of Little Resonance
    on Plainspeak
    by Aaron Roche & Tim Hinck
  • Carry Us Through
Carry Us Through
    on Carry Us Through
    by Sarah Masen
  • Faraway Land He's Holding On To Me
    on Faraway Land
    by Ron Block
  • So Young Now Field and Flower
    on So Young Now
    by Stephen Gordon
  • Cold Weather Companion
    on Cold Weather Companion
    by David Story
  • Will There Really Be A Morning Forgive Yourself (Live)
    on Will There Really Be A Morning
    by Julie Lee
  • I Know Who Holds Tomorrow Walk Over God's Heaven
    on I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
    by Alison Krauss & The Cox Family
  • Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions Down By The Riverside
    on Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions
    by Andrew Greer
  • Studio. Living Room I Am Listening
    on Studio. Living Room
    by Sarah Siskind
  • Julie Lee & The Baby-Daddies How He Lied
    on Julie Lee & The Baby-Daddies
    by Julie Lee

Producer Notes:

One of the ways we broaden our horizons musically is by getting solid recommendations from artists that "get us."  Julie joined us in 2012 to co-host this episode with me, and gave us a first-time introduction to the music of David Story, Stephen Gordon, Aaron Roche, Tim Hinck, and Sarah Siskind.  And it was so fun to talk to Julie because (a) she's such an amazingly sweet person, and (b) she often runs in some different music circles than most.  One of my all-time favorite songs of Julie's is "Forgive Yourself" - and I'm so glad she performs it live with her banjo in our studios.  (Dave)

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