Escape To The Lake 2015 Audio Recap - Episode #322

August 21st, 2015
Escape To The Lake 2015 Audio Recap - Episode #322

This July we held the biggest event of UTR's year, Escape To The Lake 2015.  In this episode, we bring you an audio recap including testimonials from artists and attendees, LIVE performances from the Main Stage, and THREE radio world premiere songs!

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • All Or Nothing Go [LIVE @ ETTL]
    on All Or Nothing
    by Joy Ike
  • Futureboy Take It From The Top
    on Futureboy
    by Nick Flora
  • Something Broken –Single Something Broken
    on Something Broken –Single
    by Mercy Child
  • [Unreleased] Give Us Grace [LIVE @ ETTL]
    on [Unreleased]
    by Skye & Livi
  • Highways and Heartache Divided Highway
    on Highways and Heartache
    by Zach Pietrini
  • The Laboratory Sessions You Could Be My Baby [LIVE @ ETTL]
    on The Laboratory Sessions
    by SHEL
  • Stone Water Wood Light What I Do
    on Stone Water Wood Light
    by Christopher Williams
  • Sisters and Brothers We Win [LIVE @ ETTL]
    on Sisters and Brothers
    by The Vespers
  • Waiting To Begin The Same Thing
    on Waiting To Begin
    by Chris & Jenna
  • Without Condition Free [LIVE @ ETTL]
    on Without Condition
    by Ginny Owens
  • Promised Land More Than I Need
    on Promised Land
    by Jessi McNeal

Producer Notes:

This last July 1-5, UTR put on the gourmet music event of the summer, Escape To The Lake 2015.  It was a career-highlight experience for me, and I am especially moved to hear how many artists and attendees are still buzzing about what took place.  While it's difficult to encapsulate it all, we want to at least present a taste of the experience, especially for folks who couldn't be there in person.  So this week's episode shares an audio recap of ETTL15, with all the music by artists who were at the gathering, including four exclusive live performances from the Main Stage, and for the first time ever - a recording at the ETTL latenight campfire of the first-ever public performance of a song written by Skye Peterson (Andrew's daughter) and Livi Goodgame (Randall's daughter).  We hope this episode warms your soul like a gooey s'more!  (Dave)

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