Episode #81

May 28th, 2010

Join us as we celebrate the unofficial start of summer with tunes by Sandra McCracken, Everfound and one track from a band's final live concert!

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • Farewell Show Obsession [LIVE]
    on Farewell Show
    by Delirious?
  • The Turning River of Love
    on The Turning
    by Sam Phillips
  • Room Noises Lost at Sea
    on Room Noises
    by Eisley
  • Ripen Perfectly Done
    on Ripen
    by Shawn McDonald
  • Edge of the World Edge of the World
    on Edge of the World
    by Randy Stonehill
  • In Feast Or Fallow Give Reviving
    on In Feast Or Fallow
    by Sandra McCracken
  • Colorful Alibis & Scandalous Smiles Believe in Love
    on Colorful Alibis & Scandalous Smiles
    by Everfound
  • Try Soldier
    on Try
    by Bebo Norman
  • Okay Moving On Friday
    on Okay
    by Jeff Caylor
  • Losing Balance Sad Song
    on Losing Balance
    by Michael Bannerman
  • Control Control
    on Control
    by JJ Heller
  • Bright As You When I Fly Away
    on Bright As You
    by Jason Harrod
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