Episode #48

October 23rd, 2009

Our guest of honor all hour long is Randall Goodgame.  Join us for both conversation and music from Randall, as well as tunes from Jennifer Knapp, Andy Gullahorn, and a brand-new song from Relient K.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Glory Revealed II Since the World Began
    on Glory Revealed II
    by M.Maher/ A.Grant/ E.Cash/ M.Powell
  • War and Peace So Far Away
    on War and Peace
    by Randall Goodgame
  • Clear Ready to Ride
    on Clear
    by Clear
  • Arkadelphia Charlie Robin
    on Arkadelphia
    by Randall Goodgame
  • Spontaneous Combustion Everybody Understands the Blues
    on Spontaneous Combustion
    by Glenn Kaiser
  • Bluebird Bluebird
    on Bluebird
    by Randall Goodgame
  • Kansas Martyrs & Thieves
    on Kansas
    by Jennifer Knapp
  • Forget and Not Slow Down Savannah
    on Forget and Not Slow Down
    by Relient K
  • Love + Rescue Want You to Know Me
    on Love + Rescue
    by Cameron Dezen
  • Reinventing the Wheel Alright Here
    on Reinventing the Wheel
    by Andy Gullahorn
  • Bluebird Jubilee
    on Bluebird
    by Randall Goodgame
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