Episode #33

June 26th, 2009

Special guest Lanae Hale joins us to talk about her new CD, her musical roots, and the healing she found from her cutting addiction.  Besides Lanae's music, we'll hear songs from David Dewese, The Choir, & JJ Heller.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Real Can't Save Your Soul
    on Real
    by Jake Smith
  • Lanae Hale EP Stay
    on Lanae Hale EP
    by Lanae Hale
  • Make the Best of It Make the Best of It
    on Make the Best of It
    by David Dewese
  • Back & Forth Headed Home
    on Back & Forth
    by Lanae Hale
  • Painted Red True Things
    on Painted Red
    by JJ Heller
  • Sleeping Fire Invisible Light
    on Sleeping Fire
    by Adam Watts
  • Back & Forth Here's My Heart
    on Back & Forth
    by Lanae Hale
  • Sometimes this Road Come Away with Me
    on Sometimes this Road
    by Sam Judd
  • Wide Eyed Wonder To Cover You
    on Wide Eyed Wonder
    by The Choir
  • Concrete and Steeples Broken Hearts, Twisted Arms
    on Concrete and Steeples
    by Alexander
  • Back & Forth If I'm Broken
    on Back & Forth
    by Lanae Hale
Comments (2)

I discovered Lanae Hale a few years ago ... when I was searching for music with deeper meanings then what I heard on the radio.  I’m loving this weeks episode ... because we get to hear her personal story smile

BassAngelMLS 11:43 AM Wed, Feb 09, 2011

P.S.  I really enjoy LifeLine Productions radio shorts.  They are hilarious ... but they make you really think.

BassAngelMLS 12:21 PM Wed, Feb 09, 2011

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