Episode #30

June 5th, 2009

Our special guest is singer-songwriter Matt Brouwer, and this hour we'll be talking with him and hearing some of his music.  We'll also hear tunes from the Lost Dogs, Julie Miller, and Shawn McDonald.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Roots Shadowlands
    on Roots
    by Shawn McDonald
  • Unlearning Home
    on Unlearning
    by Matt Brouwer
  • Where It Started Runaway
    on Where It Started
    by Sarah Sadler
  • Imagerical Lead
    on Imagerical
    by Matt Brouwer
  • Nazarene Crying Towel Moses in the Desert
    on Nazarene Crying Towel
    by The Lost Dogs
  • Where's Our Revolution Writing to Remember
    on Where's Our Revolution
    by Matt Brouwer
  • The B-Sides Recording Vol. 1 All I Want
    on The B-Sides Recording Vol. 1
    by Matt Brouwer
  • Moving On Faith Today
    on Moving On Faith
    by Jadon Lavik
  • He Walks Through Walls Don't Let the Devil Ride
    on He Walks Through Walls
    by Julie Miller
  • Where's Our Revolution Sometimes
    on Where's Our Revolution
    by Matt Brouwer
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