Episode #266 - Listener Requests: Part 1

January 24th, 2014
Episode #266 - Listener Requests: Part 1

We put the playlist in the hands of our listeners for the next two weeks, lending an ear to numerous UTR debut artists like Caleb Carruth, The Autumn Film, Vanita Joines & Strahan.

Songs Played in This Episode (13)
  • The Mantis and The Moon The Fiddler
    on The Mantis and The Moon
    by Son of Laughter
  • Organic Family Hymnal Movements
    on Organic Family Hymnal
    by Rend Collective Experiment
  • Birds of Relocation The New Year
    on Birds of Relocation
    by Eric Peters
  • Posters You're the Dawn
    on Posters
    by Strahan
  • Birds & Cages The Leaper
    on Birds & Cages
    by Deas Vail
  • 8 Track Tape Save Me
    on 8 Track Tape
    by The Autumn Film
  • Free Flying Soul Butterfly
    on Free Flying Soul
    by The Choir
  • Darkness Falls Darkness Falls
    on Darkness Falls
    by Caleb Carruth
  • The Ill-Tempered Klavier She Is The Rising Sun
    on The Ill-Tempered Klavier
    by Ben Shive
  • Unraveling Unraveling
    on Unraveling
    by Vanita Joines
  • Almanac No. 1 Shimmer No Waves
    on Almanac No. 1
    by Giants & Pilgrims
  • Seven Stars Lost and Broken
    on Seven Stars
    by Chris Haines
  • The Fourth Wall Grinnin In Your Face
    on The Fourth Wall
    by The Vespers
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Thanks for playing ‘Movements’ Dave, Rend is played regularly here in Germany.  When you coming to visit?

nick.laurenzana 01:23 PM Sun, Feb 02, 2014

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