Episode #25

May 1st, 2009

Hooray!  We're at the quarter-century mark!  On episode #25 of UTR, we'll check out UK artist Chris Spring, a hidden track from Andrew Peterson, some old school Caedmon's Call, and a Texas-based band that has a very inventive, trippy sound definitely worth perking up your ears for.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • 40 Acres Somewhere North
    on 40 Acres
    by Caedmon's Call
  • Waiting Still I Got You
    on Waiting Still
    by Sean Feucht
  • Simple Machines for Complex Problems Viva La Guadalajara Bob
    on Simple Machines for Complex Problems
    by The Southern Sea
  • The Way I Am In Two (The Lament)
    on The Way I Am
    by Jennifer Knapp
  • Crimson and Blue All There is to Know
    on Crimson and Blue
    by Phil Keaggy
  • Beauty in the Broken Shipwreck
    on Beauty in the Broken
    by Starfield
  • Constant Still
    on Constant
    by Watermark
  • Never Going Back to OK Ocean Wide
    on Never Going Back to OK
    by The Afters
  • Songs That I Know Dream
    on Songs That I Know
    by JJ Heller
  • Clear to Venus Little Alba
    on Clear to Venus
    by Andrew Peterson
  • The Universe is Flat The Universe is Flat
    on The Universe is Flat
    by Chris Spring
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