Episode #24

April 24th, 2009

We're joined in-studio by special guest So Elated.  They talk about how the band got started and how faith plays out in their music -- plus they share an exclusive in-studio performance of "Viral."  We'll also play music this week from Matt Wertz, Danyew, and Two Cent Offering.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Let The Road Pave Itself Chasing the Daylight
    on Let The Road Pave Itself
    by Phillip LaRue
  • Wayward The Prodigal
    on Wayward
    by Two Cent Offering
  • Danyew Beautiful King
    on Danyew
    by Danyew
  • So Elated Not Complete
    on So Elated
    by So Elated
  • Immigrant's Daughter Just Come In
    on Immigrant's Daughter
    by Margaret Becker
  • So Elated Viral (The Incapable Rival)" (Live)
    on So Elated
    by So Elated
  • Under Summer Sun Everything's Right
    on Under Summer Sun
    by Matt Wertz
  • So Elated Open My Heart With Knives
    on So Elated
    by So Elated
  • With Abandon Whisper Softly
    on With Abandon
    by Chasing Furies
  • So Elated Exit Door
    on So Elated
    by So Elated
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