Episode #239 - Best Albums of 2013 (So Far)

July 5th, 2013
Episode #239 - Best Albums of 2013 (So Far)

The UTR Critics Panel looked over the first half of 2013 and picked the best releases including albums by the following artists: Sandra McCracken, Leagues & The Lone Bellow.

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • Good Light Nothing But Trouble
    on Good Light
    by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
  • Bright Came The Word From His Mouth Father Without A Child
    on Bright Came The Word From His Mouth
    by Matthew Clark
  • You Belong Here Mind Games
    on You Belong Here
    by Leagues
  • Thief - EP The Wrong Well
    on Thief - EP
    by Susan Ashton
  • Pilgrim Only Your Presence
    on Pilgrim
    by Pilgrim
  • Desire Like Dynamite First Things First
    on Desire Like Dynamite
    by Sandra McCracken
  • Fiction Family Reunion Damaged
    on Fiction Family Reunion
    by Fiction Family
  • Come Back Soon Come Back Soon
    on Come Back Soon
    by Tara Leigh Cobble
  • Originator From the Nest
    on Originator
    by Brooke Waggoner
  • The Lone Bellow You Never Need Nobody
    on The Lone Bellow
    by The Lone Bellow
  • Caedmon's Call Lead of Love
    on Caedmon's Call
    by Caedmon's Call
  • Words That Fell Words That Fell
    on Words That Fell
    by Michelle Thompson
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