Episode #178 - Special Guest: Steve Taylor

April 13th, 2012

Steve Taylor, singer-songwriter of the past and movie producer of the present, joins us to talk about his music and newest movie release, Blue Like Jazz.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • The River and The Rain - Single The River & The Rain
    on The River and The Rain - Single
    by Kate Lynne Logan
  • I Predict 1990 I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good
    on I Predict 1990
    by Steve Taylor
  • Attic Light Keep Running Kid
    on Attic Light
    by Talain Rayne
  • Squint Bannerman
    on Squint
    by Steve Taylor
  • 1Beginning Alone Everybody
    on 1Beginning
    by Lori Chaffer
  • Chagall Guevara Violent Blue
    on Chagall Guevara
    by Chagall Guevara
  • Room to Breathe Freedom
    on Room to Breathe
    by Andy Gullahorn
  • Make Believe Make Believe
    on Make Believe
    by The Arrows
  • Recovery Darkest Night
    on Recovery
    by Jeremy Casella
  • Weightless Sweeter Than This
    on Weightless
    by Katie Herzig
  • Squint Curses
    on Squint
    by Steve Taylor
Comments (1)

This was totally worth streaming and sitting at my computer to listen; thanks, thanks, thanks for highlighting Steve Taylor! Thanks especially for playing Curses, one of my absolute faves from him.

Ann R 11:40 PM Sat, Apr 14, 2012

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