Episode #151 - Special Guest: Matt Wertz

September 30th, 2011

Nashville Singer/Songwriter Matt Wertz joins the conversation this week alongside some gourmet tracks by Audrey Assad, Shaun Groves, and more.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Weights and Wings Running Back to You
    on Weights and Wings
    by Matt Wertz
  • C - EP Reticent
    on C - EP
    by Justin McRoberts
  • Weights & Wings Everything Will Be Alright
    on Weights & Wings
    by Matt Wertz
  • Brokenness Aside Let It Shine
    on Brokenness Aside
    by All Sons & Daughters
  • Under Summer Sun The Way I Feel
    on Under Summer Sun
    by Matt Wertz
  • iTunes Live From SoHo Breaking Through (Live)
    on iTunes Live From SoHo
    by Audrey Assad
  • While We're Becoming - EP Sing My Lonesome Away
    on While We're Becoming - EP
    by Matt Wertz
  • How Emptiness Sings Everything Moves But You
    on How Emptiness Sings
    by Christa Wells
  • Third World Symphony No Better
    on Third World Symphony
    by Shaun Groves
  • Sarah Masen Come In
    on Sarah Masen
    by Sarah Masen
  • While We're Becoming - EP Voices
    on While We're Becoming - EP
    by Matt Wertz
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