Episode #150 Dave’s Faves

September 23rd, 2011

To celebrate our 150th episode Dave is picking all his favorite music that we've played so far in 2011 including Amanda Falk, Josh Garrels, JJ Heller and Owl City.

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • The Medicine Dress Us Up
    on The Medicine
    by John Mark McMillan
  • I Predict 1990 Since I Gave Up Hope I Feel a Lot Better
    on I Predict 1990
    by Steve Taylor
  • Web Exclusive Don't Hold Your Breath
    on Web Exclusive
    by Eric Peters
  • Beautiful Things You Have Me
    on Beautiful Things
    by Gungor
  • The Arrows In the Words (of Satan)
    on The Arrows
    by The Arrows
  • Web Exclusive In Christ Alone
    on Web Exclusive
    by Owl City
  • When I'm With You When I'm With You
    on When I'm With You
    by JJ Heller
  • The Cymbal Crashing Clouds A Last Time For Everything
    on The Cymbal Crashing Clouds
    by Ben Shive
  • Beautiful Fragile
    on Beautiful
    by Amanda Falk
  • Barton Hollow Barton Hollow
    on Barton Hollow
    by The Civil Wars
  • Love & War & The Sea In Between Beyond the Blue
    on Love & War & The Sea In Between
    by Josh Garrels
  • Flood(ed) - A Benefit Flood
    on Flood(ed) - A Benefit
    by Sara Groves
Comments (3)

Congratulations on 150 episodes.  God bless your next 150+ episodes.

Jeff C 01:35 PM Tue, Sep 27, 2011

Episode 150. Congratulation! It’s my first episode. And I greatly enjoyed it.

It was nice meeting you in Antwerp.

If you are interested, feel free to check out my blog at http://regansravings.blogspot.com/

Grace and peace.

pilgrimboy 06:42 PM Tue, Sep 27, 2011

Congrats on #150, one of my faves from 2011 is “All That You Need” by Christa Wells.

kevindavis 06:53 PM Tue, Oct 18, 2011

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