Episode #147 - Andrew Osenga Co-hosts

September 9th, 2011

Andrew Osenga takes the wheel, picking all the music and co-hosting the show. Some of his top picks include Nick Flora, Ben Shive and Jars of Clay.

Songs Played in This Episode (9)
  • Chrome Chrome
    on Chrome
    by Eric Peters
  • The Good Things Any Other Way
    on The Good Things
    by Jill Phillips
  • The Ill-Tempered Klavier 97
    on The Ill-Tempered Klavier
    by Ben Shive
  • A Make It Your Own
    on A
    by Jon Troast
  • Squint The Finish Line
    on Squint
    by Steve Taylor
  • Hello Stranger The Presence of Greatness
    on Hello Stranger
    by Nick Flora
  • Choosing Sides The Arms of Love
    on Choosing Sides
    by Andrew Osenga
  • The Long Fall Back to Earth Closer
    on The Long Fall Back to Earth
    by Jars of Clay
  • Reinventing the Wheel That Guy
    on Reinventing the Wheel
    by Andy Gullahorn
Comments (1)

Oh man.  I am downloading this one!!  This guy picked some awesome songs!

andrewosenga 03:49 PM Fri, Sep 09, 2011

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