Episode #146 - Stories Behind the Songs

September 2nd, 2011

All new interview episode highlighting the stories behind the songs, including clips from Melanie Penn, Andrew Peterson, The Farewell Drifters and more.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Letting Go Never Buy Your Love
    on Letting Go
    by Bread of Stone
  • If You Want Me To Fellow Traveler
    on If You Want Me To
    by Ginny Owens
  • Wake Up Love Glass Pane
    on Wake Up Love
    by Melanie Penn
  • Yellow Tag Mondays Fight to Find Your Way
    on Yellow Tag Mondays
    by The Farewell Drifters
  • Lanae Hale EP Stay
    on Lanae Hale EP
    by Lanae Hale
  • Counting Stars The Magic Hour
    on Counting Stars
    by Andrew Peterson
  • Second Story You're The Way
    on Second Story
    by Jon Troast
  • Crimson and Blue Love Divine
    on Crimson and Blue
    by Phil Keaggy
  • Arkadelphia Sylvester
    on Arkadelphia
    by Randall Goodgame
  • Me In Motion Back To You
    on Me In Motion
    by Me In Motion
Comments (1)

You’ve done it again, Dave Trout.  What a great theme for a show.  I’ve played “Sylvester” four times in a row.  As always, it’s good to hear Jon Troast and Andrew Peterson.

lefthand30 04:22 AM Sun, Sep 04, 2011

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