Episode #134 - All Title Tracks

June 3rd, 2011

Title tracks are filling our gourmet slots this week, including Katie Herzig, Jars of Clay, JJ Heller & Waterdeep.

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • Flying Upside Down Flying Upside Down
    on Flying Upside Down
    by Griffin House
  • Good Monsters Good Monsters
    on Good Monsters
    by Jars of Clay
  • Weightless Weightless
    on Weightless
    by Katie Herzig
  • Love is On the Move Love Is On the Move
    on Love is On the Move
    by Leeland
  • All These Things All These Things
    on All These Things
    by Melody Olson
  • The Wild Frontier The Wild Frontier
    on The Wild Frontier
    by Randy Stonehill
  • Where's Our Revolution Where's Our Revolution
    on Where's Our Revolution
    by Matt Brouwer
  • Flesh on Steel Flesh On Steel
    on Flesh on Steel
    by Isobelle Gunn
  • Heart Attack Time Machine Heart Attack Time Machine
    on Heart Attack Time Machine
    by Waterdeep
  • On the Blue On the Blue
    on On the Blue
    by Joel Auge
  • When I'm With You When I'm With You
    on When I'm With You
    by JJ Heller
  • Sweet Summer Breeze Sweet Summer Breeze
    on Sweet Summer Breeze
    by The Farewell Drifters
Comments (1)

my FAVORITE episode thus far. i can’t pick a best track because in my opinion, they were ALL top notch. thanks for starting my morning with musical awesomeness.

Kelly VE 11:55 AM Fri, Jun 03, 2011

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