Episode #104

November 5th, 2010

We're featuring all title tracks on this new episode of UTR - including the soulful Dave Barnes, the gritty Needtobreathe, and the eclectic Joy Williams.

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • The House You're Building The House You're Building
    on The House You're Building
    by Audrey Assad
  • Strong Hand of Love Strong Hand of Love
    on Strong Hand of Love
    by Bruce Cockburn
  • To The Moon To The Moon
    on To The Moon
    by Brendan McCarthy
  • Learning To Breathe Learning To Breathe
    on Learning To Breathe
    by Switchfoot
  • We Mapped the World We Mapped the World
    on We Mapped the World
    by Joy Williams
  • Boxing God Boxing God
    on Boxing God
    by Layton Howerton
  • What We Want, What We Get What We Want, What We Get
    on What We Want, What We Get
    by Dave Barnes
  • Quite Contrary Quite Contrary
    on Quite Contrary
    by Rhona Kelley
  • The Outsiders The Outsiders
    on The Outsiders
    by Needtobreathe
  • To Be Loved Oh To Be Loved By Jesus
    on To Be Loved
    by Thad Cockrell
  • Tired of Singing Sad Songs Tired of Singing Sad Songs
    on Tired of Singing Sad Songs
    by Sara Beth Geoghegan
  • Lamps Lamps
    on Lamps
    by Esterlyn
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Hey I just noticed!

The artist names are finally on. well done!


Matt 02:59 PM Sun, Nov 07, 2010

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