Episode #101

August 26th, 2011

Featuring musically and lyrically artistic music that hasn't made it mainstream, including tracks by Greg Sczebel, Amanda Falk, Jeff Caylor & more.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Audible Sigh Nothing Like A Train
    on Audible Sigh
    by Vigilantes of Love
  • Love & The Lack Thereof Causin' a Commotion
    on Love & The Lack Thereof
    by Greg Sczebel
  • Things That Make Us My Refuge
    on Things That Make Us
    by David James Stewart
  • In Between the Now & Then No More Shadows
    on In Between the Now & Then
    by Amanda Falk
  • Crashing Gates Your Beautiful Mind
    on Crashing Gates
    by Kevin Max
  • So Much 2 Say I L-O-V-E U
    on So Much 2 Say
    by Take 6
  • Web Exclusive Reason Why
    on Web Exclusive
    by Alli Rogers
  • What Birds Dream A Way to Say
    on What Birds Dream
    by Jeff Caylor
  • These Dying Embers Alive On The Inside
    on These Dying Embers
    by Janelle Hebert
  • Awakening Raise Me Up
    on Awakening
    by Gersh
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