Episode #10

July 31st, 2009

From our best-of archives, this UTR episode features a Radar Rewind with the late Rich Mullins, the solo work of Jon Foreman, the young & thoughtful Alli Rogers, and a Christian songwriter whose art extends well outside the church walls.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Opposite Way Falling For You
    on Opposite Way
    by Leeland
  • The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 2 Waiting
    on The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 2
    by Rich Mullins
  • Carry Us Through Carry Us Through
    on Carry Us Through
    by Sarah Masen
  • All The Lovely Losers You Are Mercy
    on All The Lovely Losers
    by Jason Gray
  • Everyone Overcome Overcome
    on Everyone Overcome
    by Desperation Band
  • Spring Baptize My Mind
    on Spring
    by Jon Foreman
  • Under Summer Sun Waiting
    on Under Summer Sun
    by Matt Wertz
  • With, To, From Does God Have a Bleeding Heart?
    on With, To, From
    by Jon Troast
  • The Purest Place Mended
    on The Purest Place
    by Watermark
  • Anybody Out There? Chop Chop
    on Anybody Out There?
    by Burlap to Cashmire
  • You and the Evening Sky Don't Wash Your Hands of Me
    on You and the Evening Sky
    by Alli Rogers
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