Easter Special 2015 - Episode #310

April 3rd, 2015
Easter Special 2015 - Episode #310

Our playlist is full of songs celebrating the Cross and the Resurrection - including Audrey Assad, Page CXVI, and Matthew Clark.  Plus Dave plays his favorite Easter song of 2015.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • The Blood + The Breath Your Wounds
    on The Blood + The Breath
    by Caroline Cobb
  • SisterBrother Risen King
    on SisterBrother
    by SisterBrother
  • Matthew Clark At The Cross There Is Room
    on Matthew Clark
    by Matthew Clark
  • Songs for Singing From The Grave
    on Songs for Singing
    by Jeana & Michael Master
  • Grace At The Foot of the Cross
    on Grace
    by Joe Day
  • Good Friday to Easter Roll Away The Stone
    on Good Friday to Easter
    by Page CXVI
  • Death, Be Not Proud Lamb of God
    on Death, Be Not Proud
    by Audrey Assad
  • Fire and Stone The Stone
    on Fire and Stone
    by The Gray Havens
  • Make Us One Risen
    on Make Us One
    by Evan Wickham
  • Non-Fiction Still Rolls The Stone
    on Non-Fiction
    by Bob Bennett

Producer Notes:

This is the 7th annual UTR Easter Radio Special.  The funny thing is that if you ask the average Christian music listener what are the best and most well-crafted Easter songs out there, many people struggle to think of music beyond the classics like "He's Alive" by Don Francisco or "Easter Song" by 2nd Chapter of Acts, Keith Green, or GLAD.  But we have 7 years of playlists to prove that there are a lot of deeper cuts to honor the celebration of Good Friday and Easter without compromosing your discerning taste in a more organic style of music.  This year's special is full of A+ songs.  I especially love the kickoff song "Your Wounds" by Caroline Cobb - and in the second half I play my favorite Easter song this year.  (Dave)

Comments (1)

Dave, How do you download after clicking on the download link? My screen merely changes to display the cloudfront information, but I can’t figure out what to do next. Thank you for these songs. I love, love, love them.

Kacee 10:23 AM Sat, Apr 04, 2015

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