Early Days Flashback - Episode #8

January 2nd, 2015
Early Days Flashback - Episode #8

We go all the way back to when UTR was a newborn radio show.  You'll see our mission (and format) hasn't changed much since jump street.  This episode was the FIRST time we aired music by Andy Gullahorn, Justin McRoberts, Andrew Osenga, & Mute Math.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Beyond Measure When You Are Near
    on Beyond Measure
    by Jeremy Camp
  • Pray For Rain Stay
    on Pray For Rain
    by PFR
  • Lanae Hale EP Spring Again
    on Lanae Hale EP
    by Lanae Hale
  • Room To Breathe Never Let Me Down
    on Room To Breathe
    by Andy Gullahorn
  • Salvation in Lights Streets of Galilee
    on Salvation in Lights
    by Mike Farris
  • Reset EP OK
    on Reset EP
    by Mute Math
  • Deconstruction Done Living
    on Deconstruction
    by Justin McRoberts
  • Postcards Postcards
    on Postcards
    by Cindy Morgan
  • Cannons Home
    on Cannons
    by Phil Wickham
  • Life is Precious: A Wes King Tribute Grace
    on Life is Precious: A Wes King Tribute
    by Addison Road
  • Letters to the Editors, Vol. 1 Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates
    on Letters to the Editors, Vol. 1
    by Andrew Osenga

Producer Notes:

This takes us back.  At the start of 2009, UTR was only 8 weeks old, and was only airing on about 25 radio stations.  We were so new, that our podcast audience was only about 50-75 people.  Yet I knew back then that if we stuck with it, it would catch on and serve a need for connecting more meaningful music to folks that were hungry for more than what is heard on the FM dial.  The thing that stands out about this episode all these years later... (a) I was *just* discovering some of the artists that would become all-time favorites... like Andy Gullahorn and Andrew Osenga.  Their two respective songs on this show were really the two that drew me into their music at that time - and they are still two of my favorite songs to this date.  (b) These were the early newborn days of NoiseTrade. Does anyone remember the first year(?) of NoiseTrade - where you had to enter 5 friends email addresses to receive the free download? Ah, the good old days. My first encounters with the early NoiseTrade allowed me to re-discover the music of Justin McRoberts... including my (still) all-time favorite song of his "Done Living." (c) The track by Mute Math was only the 3rd or 4th music request I *ever* received at UTR.  Since then, I have received over 1,000 listener requests!  Thanks for this walk down memory lane - next week we are BACK with all new shows!   (Dave) 

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“Streets of Galilee” was the song that I fell in love with from this episode.

Jeff C 09:58 AM Mon, Jan 05, 2015

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