Do-It-Yourself Artists: Part 2 - Episode #280

May 23rd, 2014
Do-It-Yourself Artists: Part 2 - Episode #280

Get to know more grassroots music in this second do-it-yourself episode featuring Lauren Chandler, Dan & Lauren Smith, Vanita Joines, Rick Lee James + many more!

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Homewood Let's Be Together
    on Homewood
    by Sweet Nobody
  • Blinded Again Can't Stop This Love
    on Blinded Again
    by Daniel Dye & The Miller Road Band
  • Basement Psalms Live More Than The Watchman
    on Basement Psalms Live
    by Rick Lee James
  • The Revive Project Awaken (Let the Whole World Sing)
    on The Revive Project
    by Dan and Lauren Smith
  • Whole Can't Be Saved
    on Whole
    by Jessa Anderson
  • Letters from Sinclair's Eve Nobody Remembers What You Say
    on Letters from Sinclair's Eve
    by Adam Whipple
  • The Narrow Place Though You Slay Me
    on The Narrow Place
    by Lauren Chandler
  • Radiant You! The Glory of it All
    on Radiant You!
    by Rebekah Maddux El-Hakam
  • King of Fools All the Way
    on King of Fools
    by Delirious?
  • The Garden EP The Garden
    on The Garden EP
    by Vanita Joines
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