DIY Artist Debuts - Episode #357

September 23rd, 2016
DIY Artist Debuts - Episode #357

If you love finding undiscovered hidden gems in music through UTR, then this is your kind of show. We're featuring several DIY artists making their first time appearance on UTR - including Michaela McClain, Royce Lovett, and Abbye West Pates.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Before The Bright Lights Life Is A Sea
    on Before The Bright Lights
    by Anthony Quails
  • Soon, We’ll Dance Go
    on Soon, We’ll Dance
    by Jessica Martindale
  • Live This Life With You Say You Love Me (I Will Wait)
    on Live This Life With You
    by Chasing Summer
  • I Will Bring You Peace More Than I Dreamed Of
    on I Will Bring You Peace
    by Reflect Worship
  • Restored Rock Of Ages
    on Restored
    by Jenna Kuykendall
  • Write It On The Wall Write It On The Wall
    on Write It On The Wall
    by Royce Lovett
  • Bittersweet Melodies EP Bleeding Heart
    on Bittersweet Melodies EP
    by Michaela McClain
  • Little Secrets It Rained
    on Little Secrets
    by Tess Wiley
  • Miles Of Green Sorrow’s Joy [LIVE @ ETTL]
    on Miles Of Green
    by Abbye West Pates
  • Defying Gravity The Stream
    on Defying Gravity
    by John Elefante

Producer Notes:

One of the comments we receive quite often about what folks love about UTR is that we are a place of music discovery.  It's an honor to be a trusted voice in a crowded musical marketplace, and we often get tips, recommendations, or personal interactions with up-and-coming DIY artists before most people have found them.  So this week it's a lot of fun to showcase some of the brilliant talent of some hardworking indie songwriters -- like Tess Wiley, Chasing Summer, & Anthony Quails.  Plus, for the many DIY artists that listen to our show, we are also featuring some sage advice from established names like Jenny & Tyler, Audrey Assad, Tim Coons, & Julie Lee.  Are there any new artists that truly "wow'ed" you this week? Please share below.  (Dave)

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