Critics Picks - Best Songs of 2015 (so far) - Episode #321

July 3rd, 2015
Critics Picks - Best Songs of 2015 (so far) - Episode #321

We put our Critics Panel to work once again, this time to focus on the best individual songs that really perked their ears in the first half of 2015 - including tracks by Nichole Nordeman, The Lone Bellow, and 16-yr-old Gracie Schram.

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • Story of an Immigrant Story of an Immigrant
    on Story of an Immigrant
    by Civil Twilight
  • Little Bird Little Bird
    on Little Bird
    by Misty Edwards
  • For The Taking Place From Where I Fell
    on For The Taking
    by Elenowen
  • Balla Dear A Feral Praise
    on Balla Dear
    by Balla Dear
  • Let’s Go He Split The Rock
    on Let’s Go
    by The McCrary Sisters
  • Then Came The Morning Watch Over Us
    on Then Came The Morning
    by The Lone Bellow
  • Little Songs Every Little Song
    on Little Songs
    by Jon Guerra
  • I Am Me I Am Me
    on I Am Me
    by Gracie Schram
  • The Way Home Winds of Change
    on The Way Home
    by Russ Taff
  • The Unmaking - Single The Unmaking
    on The Unmaking - Single
    by Nichole Nordeman
  • Copperlily Lazy With Love
    on Copperlily
    by Copperlily
  • Push Into Peace
    on Push
    by Riki Michele

Producer Notes:

For anyone who thinks that all the "good" music has already been released and all the "new" music isn't up to snuff - this episode will burst that bubble.  Not only have our critics done a fine job once again at highlighting some of the stand-out original songs released over the last 6 months, FOUR of this week's artists are making their UTR debut this week... proving that we should never stop adding to our music collection.  One of those debuting artists is Gracie Schram, who just released her debut album at the age of 16 - wow! And we allowed our newest critic Matt C. to pick out this week's radar rewind - and he picked one of my all-time favorite Russ Taff songs... so this episode definitely puts me in a happy place!  Hope it does for you too.  (Dave)

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