Creative Worship & Guest Caroline Cobb - Episode #341

March 18th, 2016
Creative Worship & Guest Caroline Cobb - Episode #341

Much of today's modern worship music is (unfortunately) formulaic and cliche. Yet there is a vein of worship music that is more creative and artistically rich, which is what we present in this episode.  Plus we share an interview with TX-based indie artist Caroline Cobb.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • The Brilliance Our God Alone
    on The Brilliance
    by The Brilliance
  • The Blood + The Breath Gethsemane (Heavy Load to Carry)
    on The Blood + The Breath
    by Caroline Cobb
  • Jacaranda Words Remain
    on Jacaranda
    by Josh Garrels
  • Sing Dirt
    on Sing
    by Caroline Cobb
  • Here’s My Hands…- Single Here’s My Hands, Here’s My Heart
    on Here’s My Hands…- Single
    by Seeker & Servant
  • The Blood + The Breath Dry Bones
    on The Blood + The Breath
    by Caroline Cobb
  • Love Lines The Last Horizon Foundation
    on Love Lines The Last Horizon
    by Tanya Godsey
  • Sing Give Me Jesus
    on Sing
    by Caroline Cobb
  • All Things New We Have Overcome
    on All Things New
    by Rivers & Robots
  • The Blood + The Breath All The Stars
    on The Blood + The Breath
    by Caroline Cobb

Producer Notes:

One time we were on a long family road trip, and the either the only restaurant option or the only one that could be agreed upon was McDonalds.  It was on this trip that I did something I had never done before, I ate McDonald for all three meals that day.  Needless to say, when we were deciding upon restaurants the following day, the thought of eating McDonalds again was starting to turn our stomachs.  It was definitely blacklisted for at least that entire next day.  Such is the case with a lot of music that falls under the category of "praise and worship." That used to be a special section of a music store or bookstore.  But today, nearly every artist heard on Christian radio is a "praise and worship artist."  And much of this music is created with such similar assembly line formulas that it doesn't take much before the discerning music listener wants to blacklist that genre altogether.  Our mission is to help you (and me) avoid discarding all of worship music, and instead take some time to uncover creative and artistic sides of the genre.  I'm so happy for artists like Caroline Cobb, who write Biblically-centered music in a creative and artisan way that allows me to savor the music and chew on the words -- ultimately leading me to a deeper sense of worship toward our Creator. I hope you enjoy today's theme and the conversation and music from Caroline.  ((Dave))

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