Best Songs of 2014, pt.1 - Episode #301

January 30th, 2015
Best Songs of 2014, pt.1 - Episode #301

What were last year's best individual songs? We feature some of the tracks that caught the ears and hearts of the UTR Critics Panel, including Zach Winters, Judah & The Lion, and Jessica Campbell.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Before There Was Save Us
    on Before There Was
    by Bellarive
  • III Everlasting Shore
    on III
    by Jessica Campbell
  • Rivers In The Wasteland Difference Maker
    on Rivers In The Wasteland
    by Needtobreathe
  • Daydream Sink My Feet
    on Daydream
    by Jillian Edwards
  • Tomorrow Forever Modern Age
    on Tomorrow Forever
    by The Farewell Drifters
  • Monarch Deep Deep
    on Monarch
    by Zach Winters
  • All Sons & Daughters Christ Be All Around Me
    on All Sons & Daughters
    by All Sons & Daughters
  • This Is Another Day This Is Another Day
    on This Is Another Day
    by Andrae Crouch
  • Kids These Days Hold On
    on Kids These Days
    by Judah & The Lion
  • One More Step One More Step
    on One More Step
    by Lindsay McCaul
  • Soul EP The Bird Who Was Friday
    on Soul EP
    by Andrew Osenga

Producer Notes:

If selecting the best albums of the year is not void of subjectivity, choosing the individual songs that stood out is even more personal and varied.  Even if critics agree on an artist or album, chances are they won't pick the same song when it comes to choosing favorites or stand-outs.  This is why we take 2 full weeks every year on UTR to highlight some of the many songs cited by our critics - yet we don't try to compile votes or create a countdown.  It's really a celebration of songs that really WOW'ed at least one of our critics.  I love these shows, because I always find gems that really connected with others on the panel.  They all have really great taste in music, so as I say on the show, these are a collection of A+++ songs.  This is the first episode I recorded since the passing of Andrae Crouch, so we saw it fitting to play one of his classics as a Radar Rewind (and it's nearly 4 decades old)!  (Dave)

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