Best of 2016 So Far, Pt.2 - Episode #352

July 1st, 2016
Best of 2016 So Far, Pt.2 - Episode #352

We continue sharing more picks from our UTR Critics of the best albums & songs of 2016 so far -- including Gungor, Griffin House, The Gray Havens, Brettan Cox, & more.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Songs for the Late Drive Home Lower East Side
    on Songs for the Late Drive Home
    by Anchor & Braille
  • One Wild Life: Spirit Let Bad Religion Die
    on One Wild Life: Spirit
    by Gungor
  • Till the Song Is Sung Lover of My Soul
    on Till the Song Is Sung
    by Sarah Hart
  • Ghost of a King Band of Gold
    on Ghost of a King
    by The Gray Havens
  • Creation EP Lights in the Sky
    on Creation EP
    by Clay Kirchenbauer
  • Songs Elijah
    on Songs
    by Rich Mullins
  • A Little Light Left Hard To Die
    on A Little Light Left
    by Out of the Grey
  • Heel Healed
    on Heel
    by Dogs of Peace
  • So On and So Forth Further
    on So On and So Forth
    by Griffin House
  • Blood Red Blooms Walking on Air
    on Blood Red Blooms
    by Brettan Cox
  • Light & Bloom Lion’s Den
    on Light & Bloom
    by Holly Ann

Producer Notes:

This episode was NOT supposed to happen (true).  Our summer hiatus was going to be 8 weeks long and begin this week.  But as we scoured and sampled all the great picks from the UTR Critics, we decided to make it a 2-part episode, and shrink our summer break by one week. These episodes are so fun to produce, and it's always great getting input from our Music Panelist friends.  It always results in some new discoveries for us too.  In fact, this week will be the UTR debut of three artists: Clay Kirchenbauer, Anchor & Braille, and Dogs of Peace. I'm excited that we feature some UTR favorites (The Gray Havens, Gungor, Griffin House), two veteran artists making comebacks (Out of the Grey, Dogs of Peace), and a couple of stellar female vocalists that we are falling in love with (Brettan Cox, Holly Ann).  Over the next 7 weeks during our hiatus, we'll be picking out some true episode gems from our archives, beginning with the re-airing of our highly acclaimed 3-part tribute special to Rich Mullins (originally from 2012).

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