Audio Recap of Escape To The Lake 2016 - Episode #353

August 26th, 2016
Audio Recap of Escape To The Lake 2016 - Episode #353

Escape To The Lake 2016 was one of the best music events of the year, full of unforgettable moments.  We invite you into the event through this audio recap, full of recorded live performances and testimonials.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • Beautiful Secret Life This Old Guitar
    on Beautiful Secret Life
    by Matthew Clark
  • Far Side of the Sea Field of Failure
    on Far Side of the Sea
    by Eric Peters
  • Let Yourself Break [Single] Let Yourself Break
    on Let Yourself Break [Single]
    by Joel Ansett
  • Rumors How She Floats
    on Rumors
    by Joy Ike
  • Shout! Live Can’t No Grave Hold My Body Down [LIVE]
    on Shout! Live
    by Mike Farris
  • Humble Beginnings of a Roving Soul Da Boss
    on Humble Beginnings of a Roving Soul
    by 6’10
  • Sentimental Creatures Headed For The Hills
    on Sentimental Creatures
    by Jess Ray (ft. Taylor Leonhardt)
  • Futureboy Take It From The Top
    on Futureboy
    by Nick Flora
  • All Right Here Maybe There’s A Loving God [LIVE]
    on All Right Here
    by Sara Groves
  • Waiting To Begin From The Top
    on Waiting To Begin
    by Chris & Jenna

Producer Notes:

We return with brand new episodes, starting with an insider's audio journal to UTR's flagship event and the best music gathering of the summer, Escape To The Lake 2016.  Both music makers and music appreciators showed up in Cedar Lake, IN, August 7-11 to experience spiritual, emotional, & musical refreshment like you can't find anywhere else.  On this week's episode, we do something we've never done before on our ETTL recap episodes -- all of the music is live performances from this year's ETTL Main Stage, including Mike Farris, Joy Ike, Eric Peters, Jess Ray, Sara Groves, among others. We also feature audio testimonies from attendees and artists.  We hope this recap allows you to experience a taste of this incredible community... and hopefully it makes you excited to plan and join us for ETTL 2017!  (Dave)

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