All Radar Rewinds with guest Randy Stonehill - Episode #256

July 29th, 2016
All Radar Rewinds with guest Randy Stonehill - Episode #256

We revisit our interview with Gospel Music Hall of Famer Randy Stonehill on this all Radar Rewind special.

Songs Played in This Episode (10)
  • This Beautiful Mess The Garden
    on This Beautiful Mess
    by Sixpence None the Richer
  • On the Fritz On the Fritz
    on On the Fritz
    by Steve Taylor
  • Welcome to Paradise Keep Me Runnin'
    on Welcome to Paradise
    by Randy Stonehill
  • The Best of the Lost Dogs No Ship Coming In
    on The Best of the Lost Dogs
    by Lost Dogs
  • Everything That's On My Mind Aim A Little Higher
    on Everything That's On My Mind
    by Charlie Peacock
  • Wonderama Great Big Stupid World
    on Wonderama
    by Randy Stonehill
  • The Waiting Heaven Is Home
    on The Waiting
    by The Waiting
  • The Lazarus Heart Under the Rug
    on The Lazarus Heart
    by Randy Stonehill
  • Carry Us Through Jenni's Face
    on Carry Us Through
    by Sarah Masen
  • Wild Frontier The Dying Breed
    on Wild Frontier
    by Randy Stonehill

Producer Notes:

From Day #1 of UTR, our most consistent tradition has been the Radar Rewind.  Every single episode in 350+ shows has included at least one homage to the gourmet music of yesteryear.  On this show (originally from 11/15/13), we honor the Radar Rewind for the whole hour, including some gems from The Lost Dogs, The Waiting, and Sixpence None The Richer.  Plus we feature an exclusive interview with CCM legend and GMA Hall of Famer Randy Stonehill.  What are some of your favorite Radar Rewind gems from 15+ years ago?  (Dave)

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