All International Artists - Episode #140

August 5th, 2016
All International Artists - Episode #140

This episode takes us around the world with England's Philippa Hanna, South Africa's The Arrows, and New Zealand's Brooke Fraser.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Home Give In
    on Home
    by Nathan Tasker
  • Bonus Tracks 2008 Bubbleburst
    on Bonus Tracks 2008
    by Chris Spring
  • Taste Predictable
    on Taste
    by Philippa Hanna
  • Letting Go Living Water
    on Letting Go
    by Kees Kraayenoord
  • White Suit Getting Brown Perfect Ceiling
    on White Suit Getting Brown
    by Jack London
  • Generation God's World (Do the Right Thing)
    on Generation
    by Ben Okafor
  • The Cathedral Hosea
    on The Cathedral
    by Jacob and Lily
  • Brooke Fraser: Live at the Aotea Love, Where Is Your Fire (Live)
    on Brooke Fraser: Live at the Aotea
    by Brooke Fraser
  • Two At a Time Stand With Me
    on Two At a Time
    by Downhere
  • The Arrows In the Words (of Satan)
    on The Arrows
    by The Arrows
  • Into Light Started Something
    on Into Light
    by Hugh Wilson

Producer Notes:

This episode originally aired in July of 2011, and shows that gourmet music is found around the globe.  We love celebrating these voices from different countries... all speaking the universal language of music -- very well-crafted music at that.  Of all the wonderful songs we played on this episode, I will admit that there is one that still to this day really stands out for me.  I had just discovered the music of The Arrows prior to producing this episode, and the song "In The Words of Satan" would be on a short list of the BEST songs we have *ever* played on the history of the show.  We had a LOT of fan feedback to confirm that this song powerfully connects with listeners.  If you missed this show 5 years ago (likely most of you did), enjoy this revisit, and have a fantastic musical trek around the globe.  (Dave)

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