All Debuting Artists on UTR - Episode #345

May 13th, 2016
All Debuting Artists on UTR - Episode #345

Really good new musical discoveries are hard to come by.  This hour, we make your search really easy, as we serve up 12 artists making their UTR debut - including Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery, Katy Kinard, Mark Wagner, & Taylor Leonhardt.

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • Islands of My Soul City of Lost Children
    on Islands of My Soul
    by Jason Barrows
  • The Heart of the Matter Rest With Me Now (feat. Laura Whidden)
    on The Heart of the Matter
    by Alison Brook
  • Alyosha The Farmer and the Viper
    on Alyosha
    by Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery
  • Psalm Songs, Vol. 1 Psalm 23
    on Psalm Songs, Vol. 1
    by The Corner Room
  • People Are People Love Drunk
    on People Are People
    by Kylie Marble
  • New Futures Charleston
    on New Futures
    by Mark Wagner
  • Truest Things Settle Down
    on Truest Things
    by Taylor Leonhardt
  • Setting Sail 40 Miles
    on Setting Sail
    by Mr. & Mrs. Something
  • Entertaining Angels The Passion of Creation
    on Entertaining Angels
    by Jimmy A.
  • Dead Man Walking Dead Man Walking
    on Dead Man Walking
    by John Tibbs
  • God of Fireflies God’s Doorstep
    on God of Fireflies
    by Katy Kinard
  • The Way the World Turns The Way the World Turns
    on The Way the World Turns
    by Aaron Smith

Producer Notes:

We love featuring the music of some UTR favorites, like Andrew Peterson, Sara Groves, Josh Garrels, and Burlap To Cashmere.  But we are always keeping our ears open to the new music we are not aware of yet.  Some of these discoveries come from UTR listeners, fellow artists, critics, and even the occasional stumbled-upon name.  We have grouped together 12 of these fantastic artists, who all make their UTR debut on this weeks show.  We even get some rare exclusive interview clips with Alison Brook (from Michigan), Kylie Marble (from Oregon), and Mr. & Mrs. Something (from Washington).  Who was your favorite new music discovery on this week's show (share below)?

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Dave, thanks so much for including Psalm 23 in this week’s episode! To listeners of UTR, if you’re interested in learning more about Psalm Songs (10 psalms word for word from the ESV set to music), visit There are physical CDs, sheet music and digital downloads available. Excited to share these songs with you!

cornerroommusic 12:00 PM Fri, May 13, 2016

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