All Debut Artists - Episode #307

March 13th, 2015
All Debut Artists - Episode #307

All the artists on this week's show are first-timers on UTR, including Jordan Ruiz, Chris & Jenna, Jessi McNeal, and Zach Pietrini & The Broken Bones.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Country/Static Ceilings
    on Country/Static
    by Good Night States
  • Waiting to Begin From The Top
    on Waiting to Begin
    by Chris & Jenna
  • Death & His Many Faces My Immigrant Heart
    on Death & His Many Faces
    by Zach Pietrini & The Broken Bones
  • Come Close Slow Down
    on Come Close
    by The Hedgerow Folk
  • Trains I Missed EP Trains I Missed
    on Trains I Missed EP
    by Nicole Witt
  • The Mountain Stones
    on The Mountain
    by Jordan Ruiz
  • Prayerbook, No. 2 Save The King (Psalm 20)
    on Prayerbook, No. 2
    by Brian Moss
  • Pen To Paper Water Rolls Down
    on Pen To Paper
    by Jessi McNeal
  • Things That Can’t Be Taught Home
    on Things That Can’t Be Taught
    by Wendell Kimbrough
  • Journey Into the Morn Wisdom
    on Journey Into the Morn
    by Iona
  • Rest Prayers
    on Rest
    by Lady Grace

Producer Notes:

As you might imagine, we have a TON of excellent music suggestions come our way about artists that have yet to be played on a UTR episode.  Sometimes those recommendations come from UTR listeners, fellow indie artists, outside souces (like NoiseTrade), and even artists introducing themselves to us.  If you use UTR as a source for quality music discovery, then this episode will put a lot of new names in front of you.  And 3 of the artists this week will be a part of the Artist On The Rise Showcase at Escape To The Lake 2015!  (Dave)

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