Special Guest Josh Garrels, Pt. 1 - Episode #363 - October 28th, 2016

Special Guest Josh Garrels, Pt. 1 - Episode #363

We fell in love with the music of Josh Garrels in the early days of UTR, and hundreds of folks have cited us as being the place they discovered his talent.  On this episode I say "he might be one of the most important indie artists of our generation" - and that's not hyperbole. His rise in popularity and his success as an artist are revered by many inside and outside the music industry, and many indie artists look at Josh as an inspiration.  This one-of-a-kind artist doesn't tour significantly, and doesn't do too many interviews with the media.  But he was gracious to give us an extended interview, which will be shared in this week's and next week's UTR episodes.  We go a bit more in-depth with Josh as well.  What song off of "Home" took a left turn? Why does he feature instrumental tracks? What does he think of 5 year plans?  These and other questions are tackled. Besides Josh's music, we'll also be playing requests by UTR listeners.  Enjoy this third-to-last radio program!  [Don't forget, we have a Kickstarter Campaign now through 11/15, and we could use your help to do a creative relaunch of the ministry in 2017.]  (Dave)

All Cover Songs - Episode #362 - October 21st, 2016

All Cover Songs - Episode #362

In planning our final radio shows, one of the fan-favorite themes that's just pure fun is when we do all cover songs, so I was happy we could do this one more time in this era of UTR.  We are excited to share some UTR artists putting their own reimagined creativity on some prior classics, sometimes allowing the song to take on a new meaning when experienced through the lense of a different artist.  The ultimate highlight for me has to be a one-time exclusive recording of a rare cover song by Sir Eric Peters.  I prodded him to include the song he soundchecks with (Jackson Brown's "These Days") into a concert set that we were recording, and he obliged! That happened in 2011, so we've had this gem in our pocket for over 5 years!  The other live song on the show is quite special too -- Christa Wells performs the UTR hit "One" live at Escape To The Lake 2015, with Jess Ray and Christopher Williams on guest vocals and guitar!  We even include one of the *brand new* cover songs just released by Andrew Osenga.  So much good stuff... and it was a lot of fun to put together.  ** Don't forget our Kickstarter Campaign is happening right now, and we'd love your support in backing our creative relaunch for 2017!  (Dave)

Guest Co-Host: Judah & The Lion - Episode #361 - October 14th, 2016

Guest Co-Host: Judah & The Lion - Episode #361

The roots of this episode harken back to UTR's former parent organization, ReFrame Media.  I had the privilege of hosting Judah & The Lion for a private lunch-time concert and interview back in May 2014.  Things started to explode for the band that summer, and only a few months after playing a lunch concert for 3 dozen people, they were playing on Latenight with David Letterman!  Part of the interview we did that day was to put them in charge of picking out the music on UTR.  I've been saving this interview in my back pocket... but with only a few weeks left of the UTR Radio Show, it's time to put the pieces together for this show.  And, J&TL exceeded my expectations with some really great song picks -- and a diverse array of sounds as well.  Nice work, gentlemen!  Also, our Kickstarter campaign to do a creative relaunch of UTR has begun. We will need the whole UTR community pulling together on this -- artists, donors, Board members, and likely 150+ people who have never given a financial gift to UTR.  CLICK THIS LINK to view the reward tiers, campaign video, and to jump on board. Thanks!  (Dave)

Songs in the Queue, Pt. 2 - Episode #360 - October 11th, 2016

Songs in the Queue, Pt. 2 - Episode #360

We used to release mid-week bonus podcast episodes fairly regularly... at least 5 or more each year.  But that tradition ended in 2014 when UTR became an independent ministry.  We had to scale back production some, so we just focused on our regular weekly podcast.  But now, for the first time in 2 years, we bring you a bonus mid-week podcast of UTR, featuring more songs that we've been "saving" for a future show... and now it's time to "spend" those songs.  There are now only 5 more episodes of the UTR Radio program (in this format). We'll still be doing podcasting, video content, album compilations, and more excellent content as we move into 2017.  In fact, keep your eyes open for our Kickstarter Campaign (launching 10/13) that will help make this new vision possible.  (Dave)

Songs In The Queue, Pt.1 - Episode #359 - October 7th, 2016

Songs In The Queue, Pt.1 - Episode #359

Music festivals. 5-course meals. Fireworks shows. With many things in life, sometimes the best is saved for last. Since we rarely repeat a song on UTR, we are careful about what we play and when we play it. Sometimes we want to play the best song(s) by that artist right away.  In the case of today's show, sometimes a song WOWed us so much, that we decided to "save" it for a rainy day down the road. Now that there are only 5 more weeks of the UTR radio show (in this particular format), it's time to SPEND all the songs we've been saving in the queue - all the songs that we have really wanted to play for some time. We'll hear a song by Green River Ordinance which was one of the most spiritual concert moments I've experienced in recent years. We are also playing my #1 favorite song of 2015 (which we haven't played yet). And we'll hear a Bob-Dylan-esque war protest song by Griffin House. I share some extra details about the future of our ministry (which we are very excited about). AND... we had so many songs in the queue, that we'll be spilling over into a bonus mid-week podcast for Part 2!  (Dave)

Special guest Tanya Godsey - Episode #358 - September 30th, 2016

Special guest Tanya Godsey - Episode #358

I can remember the first time I heard a song by Tanya Godsey.  It sticks with you.  It was 2013, shortly after her music was requested by a UTR listener.  The powerful piano melodies, compelling lyrics, and strong alto voice took me by surprise.  We've been playing her music on UTR ever since.  Tanya was a part of the Artist On The Rise Showcase at Escape To The Lake 2014... and of course we were a Kickstarter backer for her brand new project (releasing the same day as this podcast), Love Lines The Last Horizon.  I'm glad we did, because this is one of the best albums you will hear in 2016!  And it's fun on this show to dig a bit deeper into the making of the project. We are so happy that Tanya is our third-to-last interview guest on the UTR radio show!  (Dave)

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