This Week's BONUS - Introducing the Gourmet Music Podcast - August 31st, 2017

BONUS - Introducing the Gourmet Music Podcast

"Under The Radar" started in 2008 as a syndicated radio show and podcast. In 2014, it become an independent non-profit organization. But now in 2017, it's time to pivot.  We are no longer built around a single radio show; we want this ministry to be a multi-media umbrella -- with content celebrating well-crafted, faith-inspired music. So the new name for the organization is UTR Media. And the first of 5 new podcasts is one that will have a ton of similar flavor to the old show, with a few new ingredients blended in as well. We are introducing the debut episode of the Gourmet Music Podcast!  In this 75-minute episode, we pack in a ton of amazing songs that have been released in the last 9 months. And we guarantee you will hear at least one artist you've never heard before! NOTE: If you use the Apple Podcast platform, we will not be adding new episodes beyond this one to the old "Under The Radar" feed. You will need to subscribe to the new Gourmet Music Podcast feed. *Also available on Stitcher.

Easter Radio Special 2016 with guest Rick Lee James - Episode #342 - March 25th, 2016

Easter Radio Special 2016 with guest Rick Lee James - Episode #342

This is one of the longest-standing traditions at Under The Radar as our 8th consecutive all-new Easter Radio Special.  We hope this can serve as a soundtrack to your celebration of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection.  One of the special treats this year is that Rick Lee James joins us all hour to talk about his music, and specifically about the themes of resurrection found on his new album Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations.  A fun behind the scenes note: This was one of the fastest turnarounds we ever had on an interview, having just recorded our Q&A with Rick on 3/18/16, and now releasing the episode on 3/25/16.  It was nice to capture the excitement Rick had with his new album just releasing on March 17 (the day before our interview).  Enjoy the gourmet music, and we hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday!  ((Dave))

Creative Worship & Guest Caroline Cobb - Episode #341 - March 18th, 2016

Creative Worship & Guest Caroline Cobb - Episode #341

One time we were on a long family road trip, and the either the only restaurant option or the only one that could be agreed upon was McDonalds.  It was on this trip that I did something I had never done before, I ate McDonald for all three meals that day.  Needless to say, when we were deciding upon restaurants the following day, the thought of eating McDonalds again was starting to turn our stomachs.  It was definitely blacklisted for at least that entire next day.  Such is the case with a lot of music that falls under the category of "praise and worship." That used to be a special section of a music store or bookstore.  But today, nearly every artist heard on Christian radio is a "praise and worship artist."  And much of this music is created with such similar assembly line formulas that it doesn't take much before the discerning music listener wants to blacklist that genre altogether.  Our mission is to help you (and me) avoid discarding all of worship music, and instead take some time to uncover creative and artistic sides of the genre.  I'm so happy for artists like Caroline Cobb, who write Biblically-centered music in a creative and artisan way that allows me to savor the music and chew on the words -- ultimately leading me to a deeper sense of worship toward our Creator. I hope you enjoy today's theme and the conversation and music from Caroline.  ((Dave))

Guest Co-Host Chris & Jenna - Episode #340 - March 11th, 2016

Guest Co-Host Chris & Jenna - Episode #340

UTR artists have been a great source for helping me discover new artists.  Such is the case with Chris & Jenna who was introduced to UTR by Nick Flora.  We started communicating through email right before the plug was pulled on the initial version of UTR in October of 2014.  They really leaned in to my personal situation with this ministry, which was a great source of encouragement.  In May of last year, we finally met in person and forged a wonderful friendship during UTR's Wild Wild East tour.  We shared sugary crepes and waffles in Time Square NYC, so it's almost like we're related now.  Thanks to WJTL in Manheim, PA for hosting the recording of this interview.  It's also exciting because C&J introduce us to 1 artist making a UTR debut and 3 artists making sophomore appearances.  ((Dave))

Interview guest Audrey Assad - Episode #339 - March 4th, 2016

Interview guest Audrey Assad - Episode #339

We recently did a poll on Twitter on what artist our followers would most like us to interview.  The highest vote-getter was Audrey Assad.  She's an artist I have admired and appreciated since her debut in 2010.  Her choice to depart from her record label and become an independent artist (among other social and political stances) has only made her a more intriguing person in my eyes.  It was a privilege to finally interview her for this week's show - and I'm glad we can highlight a truly breathtaking collection of songs with her new release Inheritance.  And since the project mostly consists of beautifully arranged classic hymns, all the songs for this episode are hymn remakes - including Sandra McCracken, David Crowder, and Johnny Cash.  ((Dave))

7 Year Flashback - Episode #16 - February 26th, 2016

7 Year Flashback - Episode #16

Take a ride down memory lane and listen to when UTR was just a 3-month-old newborn radio show!  It's fun to see how things have changed ... and how things haven't.  Even 7 years ago you can hear that we were passionate about connecting listeners to well-crafted music.  It's also in Episode #16 that we play the music of Jeremy Casella for the first time!  ((Dave))

Special Interview Guest Judah & The Lion - Episode #292 - February 19th, 2016

Special Interview Guest Judah & The Lion - Episode #292

In May 2014, I had the privilege of hosting Judah & The Lion in the UTR Studios for a private concert and exclusive interview.  Our special feature episode released in September of that same year, just as their first full length project Kids These Days was released.  Their popularity took off, including touring with Mat Kearney, Ben Rector, and playing on The Late Show with David Letterman.  I found Judah, Nate, and Brian completely down-to-earth and not shy about talking about how their faith comes through in their art.  On 3/4/16, they will be releasing their 2nd full-length album Folk Hop & Roll, and they've already begun a 35-stop headlining tour... so we thought this would be the perfect time to revisit our prior episode featuring Q&A with Judah & The Lion.  And the other songs on the episode are really top-notch too!  ((Dave))

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